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Publication List (also former publications)

Peer reviewed

1. F. Xu, C. Holmqvist, G. Rastelli, W. Belzig,
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Coherent dynamics in long fluxonium qubits", (arXiv:1403.4565v2) New J. Phys. 17, 053026 (2015).
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12. G. Rastelli, M. Houzet, L. Glazman, F. Pistolesi,
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Advances in nano-electromechanical systems, C. R. Physique 13, 410 (2012)
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21. G. Rastelli, S. Fratini, P. Quemerais,
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to be submitted

- P. Stadler, W. Belzig, G. Rastelli,
Nonequilibrium vibrational states and inelastic transport through a quantum dot between a normal and superconducting contact.
- R. Klees, G. Rastelli, W. Belzig,
Nonequilibrium Andreev bound states population in short superconducting junctions.
- C. Saussol, W. Belzig, G. Rastelli,
Decoherence for the Ising model with dissipative frustated coupling.
- D. Maile et al.,
Universal phase diagram of quantum dissipative many-body systems.
- P.-J. Peters et al.,
Three-Electron Photon Interaction in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope"


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proceedings J. Phys. IV France 131, 277 (2005).