2016/2017: Master student F. Hellbach (master thesis of F. Hellbach)

2016/2017: Master student D. Maile (master thesis of D. Maile)

2015/2016: Master student R. Klees   (master thesis of R. Klees)

2015/2016: Bachelor student H. Weisbrich  (bachelor thesis of H. Weisbrich)    

2014/2015: Bachelor student R. Kopp   (bachelor thesis of R. Kopp)  

2013-2014 summer semester: Student: Johannes Kölbl, Projekt Praktikum: “Quantum Field Theory and Keldysh Green’s function in Quantum Transport: an application to the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a double quantum dot”


2015/2016: Bachelor student D. Maile   (bachelor thesis of D. Maile), University of Tübingen, Germany.